This area during the Second World War saw some of the fiercest fighting between German forces, and their local allies and Yugoslav resistance forces. And Brits were part of it. Most famously, Fitzroy Maclean led a British liaison mission to Tito and spent time with him at assorted locations in Bosnia, including Drvar and Jajce. Maclean helped to establish and run the RAF’s Balkan Air Force, which provided significant assistance to the partisans.
Recently we were back in Bosnia and Herzegovina, trying both to alleviate the suffering caused by the war there during the 1990s and, ultimately, to help bring it to an end. British units played a major role in the initial UN operation in Bosnia. Much of their work included escorting aid and maintaining supply routes, but there were also occasions when the British units deployed open fire in pursuit of their mission. British soldiers died and British soldiers killed during the UN mission in Bosnia.
British units also formed part of the NATO forces in their operations during the Bosnian War. For instance, on 16 April 1994, a British Sea Harrier was shot down by Bosnian Serb forces over Gorazde while targeting a Bosnian Serb tank, and on 22 September 1994, two British Jaguar aircraft destroyed a Bosnian Serb tank in the Sarajevo area. In 1995 both the RAF and British artillery on the ground in Bosnia assisted with Operation Deliberate Force against Bosnian Serb targets.
By the way, Herzegovina is the southern bit of Bosnia and Herzegovina.