Ivory Coast has Liberia to its west and Ghana to its east. For a long time, the French controlled the territory that is now Ivory Coast (we controlled the territory that is now Ghana and signed a treaty with the French) and it’s not an area we have had that much to do with.
In the late nineteenth century, an interesting figure people should know more about, Samori Ture, created the Wassoulou Empire that incorporated an area in the north of what is now Ivory Coast. In January 1885, as part of his attempts to resist the French, he offered to put the empire under British protection. We decided not to take up his kind offer, but we did sell him lots of modern repeating rifles, which Ture then promptly used against the French.
In 2004, in what became known as Operation Phillis, with civil war gripping the Ivory Coast, a company of Gurkhas was flown into the capital Abidjan to evacuate British citizens, and deployed along routes to the airport, while HMS Albion was ordered to head for the area as extra support.