The Republic of the Congo is not, confusingly to some, the same place as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You could sort of call the Democratic Republic �?South Congo’, and the Republic �?North Congo’, and that might make it easier to understand because the Republic is a bit more north and the Democratic Republic is a bit more south. Both territories are next to the Congo River and while the Belgians used to control what became the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the French used to control this bit. As we have already noted, the anti-slaving patrols of our navy’s West Africa squadron spent a fair amount of time focusing on the Congo area, and also operated along the coast of what is now the Republic of Congo.
The area was controlled by France from the late nineteenth century through much of the twentieth century, but it was never Vichy-controlled, so we didn’t invade it.
We did have about 350 British soldiers stationed in Brazzaville in May 1997, but not as any kind of force invading the Republic of Congo. They were there to get Commonwealth and European citizens out of Kinshasa, capital of the neighbouring country of Zaire as it then was, or the Democratic Republic of Congo as it now is, if a crisis there worsened.