Costa Rica lies north of Panama and south of Nicaragua. When part of the Spanish Empire, it seems to have received a lot less attention from us than other parts of Spain’s American Empire. Not, I expect, that the locals were disappointed about that.
Nevertheless, armed Brits have spent time in and around it. Sir Francis Drake sailed the waters off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast in the late sixteenth century. His ship, the Golden Hind, was beached for a week at Cano Island and the nearby Drake Bay is, not surprisingly, named after him. Assorted privateers and pirates from Britain spent time in the area doing what pirates do. George Shelvocke, for instance, dropped in on Cano Island in 1721.
We’ve also seen action on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. In 1747, for instance, a force of English baymen and locals from the Mosquito Coast attacked and destroyed Fort San Fernando in the Matina area of Costa Rica.