Guinea is a big country with a long stretch of west Africa coastline. In the north of the country, there is a little bit of Guinea-Bissau on the coast, then inland the Guinea border meets up with Senegal. On the coast to the south of Guinea is Sierra Leone.
Guinea became a French colony in the nineteenth century, but as you would expect with a country in this part of the world with a long coastline, Brits have had a go at exerting their control.
Between 1750 and 1790, our main area of activity in the region was on the Îles de Los. And Conakry, the capital of Guinea itself, was started on one of the Îles de Los, Tombo Island, which we handed over to the French in 1887.
In 1885 we turned down the chance to have power over a big chunk of Guinea when we rejected an offer from Samori Toure to take his lands under our protection.