Kazakhstan is a huge country. By the mid-nineteenth century it was part of the Russian Empire and out of our reach, both geographically and politically.
However, Kazakhstan does have a coastline on the Caspian Sea and in the period around the end of the First World War the Royal Navy was in action there, so yes, our forces have been there.
On 21 May 1919, the Emile Nobel, an ex-Russian ship and one of a flotilla of British ships on the Caspian, was reconnoitring Fort Shevchenko (now Alexandrovsk in Kazakhstan) when Bolshevik gunners fired a shell at her, killing eleven of her crew. In response, the Emile Nobel opened up with her 4-inch guns. The flotilla then destroyed nine boats in the port and later RAF attacks forced the Bolsheviks to take the rest of their vessels from the harbour there.