balikpapan Where is City Balikpapan | Asia/Makassar

Where is City Balikpapan (Asia/Makassar)

Alternate Names

BPN, Balikpapan, Balikpapanas, Kota Balikpapan, Kutha Balikpapan, ba li ba ban, ba lik pa pan, balligpapan, balyk‌papan, barikupapan, Баликпапан, بالیک‌پاپان, บาลิก์ปาปัน, ဘာလစ်ပါပန်မြို့, ბალიკპაპანი, バリクパパン, 巴厘巴板, 발릭파판

    Location of the city
  • Latitude: -1.26753 decimal degrees
  • Longitude:116.82887 decimal degrees
    TimeZone of the city
  • The iana timezone id: Asia/Makassar
  • 433866 (29.01.2010)
    Codes Info
  • Country code: P
  • Feature code: PPL
  • Feature class: ID
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