campo-grande Where is City Campo Grande | America/Campo_Grande

Where is City Campo Grande (America/Campo_Grande)

Alternate Names

CGR, Campo Grande, Campus Magnus, Gorad Kampu-Grandy, Kampo Grande, Kampo Grandi, Kampo Grandė, Kampu-Grande, Kampu-Grandi, Kampu-Grandy, ge lan de ying, kambw ghrandy, kampo grande, kampugeulanji, kampwgrandh, kang pu krang ci, kympw grandے, kʼampʼu-grandi, qmpw grʼndh, Горад Кампу-Гранды, Кампо Гранде, Кампо Гранди, Кампу-Гранде, Кампу-Гранди, Кампу-Гранды, Кампу-Гранді, קמפו גראנדה, كامبو غراندي, کامپوگرانده, کیمپو گراندے, কাম্পো গ্রান্ডে, กังปูกรังจี, კამპუ-გრანდი, カンポ・グランデ, 格蘭德營, 캄푸그란지

    Location of the city
  • Latitude: -20.44278 decimal degrees
  • Longitude:-54.64639 decimal degrees
    TimeZone of the city
  • The iana timezone id: America/Campo_Grande
  • 729151 (08.01.2014)
    Codes Info
  • Country code: P
  • Feature code: PPLA
  • Feature class: BR
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