dushanbe Where is City Dushanbe | Asia/Dushanbe

Where is City Dushanbe (Asia/Dushanbe)

Alternate Names

DYU, Djuschambe, Doesjanbe, Douchanbe, Douchanbé, Dusanbe, Dusanbeo, Duschanbe, Dushambe, Dushanbe, Dusjanbe, Duszanbe, Duŝanbeo, Duşanbe, Dušanbe, Dušanbė, Dušhanbe, Dyushambe, Düşənbə, Jushambe, Ntousanmpe, Stalinabad, do~ushanbe, du shang bie, dusyanbe, dwshnbh, dwsnbh, Ντουσάνμπε, Душанбе, דושנבה, دوشنبه, ዱሻንቤ, ドゥシャンベ, 杜尚别, 두샨베

    Location of the city
  • Latitude: 38.53575 decimal degrees
  • Longitude:68.77905 decimal degrees
    TimeZone of the city
  • The iana timezone id: Asia/Dushanbe
  • 679400 (19.10.2016)
    Codes Info
  • Country code: P
  • Feature code: PPLC
  • Feature class: TJ
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