Greece has always been one of the main tourist regions of the world. The beautiful climate, clear sea, magnificent nature, abundant and varied national cuisine made this country attractive to guests from all over the world. The abundance of historical, cultural and natural sights is capable to impress even the most experienced and demanding tourists.

Ancient architecture of Athens
Athens is the heart of Greece. There are large number of monuments of ancient culture and art in this old city built in the VII century BC. Many of these sights are located in the area of the ancient Acropolis, associated with ancient Greek celebrities: Socrates, Aeschylus, Plato, Aristotle and Sophocles.
Acropolis is located on a majestic rock with a height of 156 m. Close by there are well-known attractions such as: the Temple of Zeus, the Theater of Dionysus, the Archaeological Museum and others.
There is an ancient Parthenon on the territory of Acropolis, which personifies the greatness of Greece; besides there is also the temple of the patroness of the city of the goddess called Athena. Outside the Parthenon is surrounded by rows of strict columns, inside the temple you can see the ancient statue of Athena made of ivory and gold.
The building is decorated with frescoes depicting the festivities of citizens, exploits of ancient heroes and various mythical creatures. Previously, the Acropolis was adorned with beautiful sculptures, some of them preserved until now and located in the best museums in Greece and Europe.
The theater of Dionysus is the most ancient of all existing in the world. It is over 2,5 thousand years. Its scene remembers the immortal creations of Euripides and Sophocles.
The National Archaeological Museum presents the world's most extensive exposition of ancient artifacts: sculptures, frescoes, household items, a library that holds ancient scrolls.
Plaka is the most ancient area of Athens with winding streets and snow-white buildings, which were built standing on the ancient buildings. There are many colorful shops, wine cellars and restaurants of national cuisine.

Historical treasures of Crete
It is not only the mainland part of Greece, but also its picturesque islands are rich in places of interest. Crete is the largest island in Greece that keeps the history of Minoan culture.
The most famous tourist place of the island was the sunken ancient city of Olus, which can be viewed from a specially equipped yacht or diving with scuba to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.
Moreover, it is worth trying an excursion to the Palace of Knossos, which has witnessed many of the legendary events depicted on its walls for 4 thousand years of its existence. Some of his mysterious symbols have not been solved until now.
The Samaria Gorge is surprisingly picturesque and the longest in Europe. The cliffs of the gorge are covered by a rich flora with more than 450 species of plants in it.
A popular place of interest for tourists is the ancient Chania with its picturesque Venetian harbor, which abounds in fish taverns and cafes. It is nice to ride a horse alongs cozy streets, or go on a boat trip on a yacht.

Ancient sightseeing of the Rhodes Island
Rhodes is the most densely populated island in Greece and is also called the "Knight's Island" for the abundance of monuments of medieval architecture. It is home to one of the seven wonders of the world named Colossus of Rhodes.
While walking through the city you can still feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, reigning on the narrow streets leading to the picturesque ancient port.
Today the favorite place for visiting has become the majestic Rhodian fortress, once belonging to the Order of Knights Hospitallers; it still bears the symbols and coats of arms on their walls. It will be interesting to walk through the powerful walls of the defensive fortifications of the island, see the towers and bastions of the fortress and some of the eleven gates.
There is also the palace of the Great Masters on this island, consisting of 205 unique halls and rooms that are unique in architecture and decoration. Tourists can come and see the courtyard of the castle, decorated with ancient mosaics, see music and dance hall, a room for official receptions and a hall filled with Byzantine icons.
All its rooms are richly decorated with ancient works of art, frescoes, statues, antique amphoras and vases.
Greece has an endless list of unique historical and natural sights that you cannot simply visit all of them in one trip. The list also mentions ancient temple of Apollo in Delphi, the Acropolis in Lindos, the blue caves of Zakynthos, the windmills of Mykonos, the Meteora Monasteries, Athos and Olympus Mounts, the Diros Cave.
Each corner of this amazing country is filled with traces of ancient legends and beautiful monuments of architecture and art.