Not one of our most dramatic invasions.
In the late nineteenth century, we were competing with Germany for control over territory in East Africa, and in 1886 Germany signed a treaty setting out who could operate in which territory. We were given an area that included Kenya, and the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA), was sent in to make British control a reality by signing treaties and setting up trading ventures. In 1887, they leased coastal territory from the Sultan of Zanzibar. However, IBEA Co. was not a huge success. It ran into huge and expensive difficulties in Uganda and, in 1895, the British government took over and created the British East African Protectorate of which today’s Kenya was part.
There was fighting in what is now Kenya during the campaign against Lettow-Vorbeck in the First World War (see Mozambique).
In 1963, some years after the Mau Mau rising, Kenya became independent.