Another small country that we haven’t really invaded very much.
As you can see from looking at the sections on Belgium, Germany and France, we have had lots of armies near to Luxembourg over the centuries, but I can’t find evidence of any that actually crossed the border. Though, of course, if you do know of any, please let me know.
Marlborough and his army were certainly very close at one point to occupying Trier, just across the border from Luxembourg, in present-day Germany. He then advanced southwards along the east bank of the Moselle River, with Luxembourg on the other bank, as far as Sierck.
But Brits have fought and died in Luxembourg, including Flight Lieutnenant D.A. Cameron, killed in action on 10 May 1940 near Diekirch and now buried there.
In September 1944, Luxembourg was liberated from German occupation by the Americans. But there was at least one officer in the British Army who played a hugely significant role in Luxembourg’s liberation. Jean, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg himself (Luxembourg’s a Grand Duchy, not a kingdom, so Grand Duke is as high as it gets here), volunteered for the Irish Guards in 1942. He participated in the battle to liberate Caen and the liberation of Brussels. He was here on 10 September 1944 for the liberation of Luxembourg, and after that he was part of the invasion of Germany.