naha Where is City Naha | Asia/Tokyo

Where is City Naha (Asia/Tokyo)

Alternate Names

Nafa, Naha, Naha-shi, Nahashi, Nakha, Nawa, na ba, na ba shi, naha, naha si, nahashi, nhh, Наха, נהה, なは, なはし, ナハ, ナハシ, 那覇, 那覇市, 那霸市, 나하 시

    Location of the city
  • Latitude: 26.21667 decimal degrees
  • Longitude:127.68333 decimal degrees
    TimeZone of the city
  • The iana timezone id: Asia/Tokyo
  • 300795 (09.04.2017)
    Codes Info
  • Country code: P
  • Feature code: PPLA
  • Feature class: JP
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