The 12 most strange places in the world open to visiting

The World Tourism Organization at the UN tracks the trends of tourist trips on a yearly basis. Recently, it has posted a report, which indicated the fastest growing tourist destinations. Many of these countries have not been very popular before, but very soon they may have a huge flow of tourists.

The 12 most strange places in the world open to visiting

The abandoned ghost towns and gloomy museums, as well as the extraordinary wonders, these are the strangest places on Earth that you have never heard of.

10 most expensive countries to live in

We all know that life in some cities can quickly make a hole in your wallet, but there are places around the world where guests and residents find it even harder to stick to their budget.
A new Numbeo list, an online database website, shows which countries have the highest living cost around the world.

10 unearthly photographs that it's hard to believe that they were made on our planet

While Elon Musk and his followers are planning to colonize Mars, our home planet keeps surprising and pleasing us. Unearthly photos of the Earth that did not ran photoshop editing or filters remind us of some scenes from fantastic movies or reveal parallel universes that show the world around us from a completely different and fantastic view.
We have encountered photos that could change your ideas about the planet that we live on.