A rating of America's free sightseeing places has been made.
Balboa Park, San Diego
One of the oldest parks in the United States that covers an area of 490 hectares, which houses museums, theaters and the famous San Diego Zoo, as well as recreation areas and playgrounds that can be visited absolutely for free.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington
The Institute includes educational and research facilities, as well as 19 museums, 11 of which are located in Washington. Visitors can get acquainted with expositions devoted to contemporary and Asian art, African American culture and even the history of the postal service of America. And for all this you don’t have to pay even a penny.

Staten Island Ferry, New York
Traveling by ferry takes less than half an hour, but allows you to admire the view of the New York harbor. If you decide to use this free entertainment, then keep in mind that the ferry does not transport cars and motorcycles, and it also happens to be quite crowded during rush hour.

Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia
Going for walk around the place dedicated to the birth of American democracy is free from March 1 to December 31. All interested persons can take tickets at the Visitors Center.

"Battle of the Alamo" museum and fortress, San Antonio
The former Catholic mission, also used as a fortress, and now being a museum, was built by the Spanish Empire in the 18th century. In 1836 the fortress that was under control of the Texans, for a long time besieged the Mexican troops which saved time for them to get reinforced. As a result, they established an independent Texas Republic, which is now a part of the United States.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
The famous park covers an area of about four square kilometers with the Japanese tea garden that is also located there. Anyone can admire the Great Pagoda and beautiful statues absolutely for free if you enter there until 10 am.

Las Vegas Strip Street, Las Vegas
Here you can find almost all the famous hotels and casinos of the city, as well as the dancing water fountain "Bellagio", that springs out of the lake and is illuminated by four thousand lamps.
The show takes place every day: on weekdays from 15:00, and on weekends from 12:00 to midnight.

Pike Place Market, Seattle
The market located on the Pacific coast has been on run for more than a hundred years and is famous for the variety of seafood and artisans and farmers' products, as well as the place where street actors and clowns give their performances. Its works from 9 am, and it is best time for shopping.

Freedom Trail Route, Boston
The four-kilometer tourist route unites more than fifteen sights, which will not cost you a cent to visit them. As you go, you can see the oldest public park in the US, the building where a protest rally was planned against the British government, which marked the beginning of the American Revolution, and the parking lot of the Constitution ship, the oldest sailing ship that is still seaborne.

US Botanical Garden, Washington
There are 60 thousand plants growing in the park, some of which are over 150 years old, also there are a Rose Garden and a Butterfly Garden there.

"Walk of Fame", Los Angeles
On the Hollywood Boulevard alley there are more than 25 hundreds stars made in honor of celebrities, even including some cartoon characters.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
The park is located on the territory with red and white rocks, where experts found fossils of ancient plants and animals, including dinosaurs. There are trails for hiking, biking and horse riding in the "Garden of the Gods" along the territory of the park.

Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis
This park was opened just less than a year ago, but it already attracts tourists with unusual sculptures inscribed in the landscape.
Ocean City boardwalk (Maryland)
The wooden boardwalk dates back to 1902, just a few steps away from the excellent free beaches and colleges of the early twentieth century designed in Victorian style.

Millennium Park, Chicago
The park that was opened in 2004 on the parking lot and awarded with prestigious awards can be visited from 6:00 to 23:00 absolutely for free.