pinsk Where is City Pinsk | Europe/Minsk

Where is City Pinsk (Europe/Minsk)

Alternate Names

Pinsk, Pinscum, Pinsk, Pinska, Pinskas, Pinszk, Pińsk, ping si ke, pinseukeu, pinsuku, pynsq, Пинск, Пінск, Пінськ, פינסק, ピンスク, 平斯克, 핀스크

    Location of the city
  • Latitude: 52.1229 decimal degrees
  • Longitude:26.0951 decimal degrees
    TimeZone of the city
  • The iana timezone id: Europe/Minsk
  • 130777 (18.01.2012)
    Codes Info
  • Country code: P
  • Feature code: PPLA2
  • Feature class: BY
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