Are you going to go on holiday to Albania in 2018 to visit local landmarks: from man-made objects of historical and cultural heritage to natural sights such as caves and canyons? You should know that most of them are located in Gjirokaster.
How many tourist places of interest are there in Albania? According to a recent report by the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment, there are 3390 tourist attractions in Albania. And most of them are located in the Gjirokaster district (697): you will see attractions like starting from the city castle and ending up with the village of Dejan.
Berat area counts 569 touristic sights, including the city's castle and the canyons of Juneau. And on the contrary, the most "poor" areas of interest are the districts of Dures, Légè (98) and Fier (92).
Although Albania has a large number of tourist attractions, only small part of them are included in the tour and excursion program. Nevertheless, more and more people come to see theese places seeking for adventure tourism, which is often chosen by small groups of people going to the Shala river (considered to be the Albanian "Thailand"), the Sotira waterfall and the Osumi canyons.
In recent yearsAlbania has been actively promoting its tourism product on the world market, which is facilitated by the growing interest from foreign media to the natural and man-made beauties of the country. This has resulted in an increase in the number of foreign tourists choosing to rest in Albania.
According to the official data of the Albanian National Institute of Statistics (Instat), in the first three months of 2018 about 677 thousand foreign citizens arrived to Albania to spend holidays there. This is 12.5% more than in the same period in 2017.
It is expected that the next summer season it will set a record in terms of number of tourists arriving to Albania. Many hotels have already been booked, mostly by citizens of the Nordic countries and the country of Ukraine.