Nagoro Village in Japan.
Replacing village residents by hundreds of horrific life-size dolls can be really terrifying. This is what happened in Nagoro, a small village in Shikoku in Japan, where the eerie dolls of the local artist took the place where people should be.

Ghost Town in Namibia.
The city of Colmanskop in the Namib desert was once a thriving place for thirsty European diamond miners, but today all that remains is deserted buildings that are slowly absorbed by sand dunes.

Underwater Museum in Mexico.
In the lower part of the Caribbean Sea near Cancun, 500 life-sized sculptures occupied a permanent residence, thanks to one enterprising sculptor.

Upside-down house in Poland.
Do you know that there are at least 20 upside-down houses scattered all over the world or perhaps even more? One of the most bizarre is the excellent structure located in Szymbark, Poland.

Underground theme park in Romania.
Have you ever wanted to ride an underground Ferris wheel? All you need to do is descend 120 feet into the salt mine in Salina, Romania.

Spotted lake in Canada.
This "spotty" lake in British Columbia appears only in the summer, when evaporation creates 300 water bodies.

Wood market in Togo.
In the West African country called Togo you can find the world's largest market with Voodoo attributes.

High heel church in Taiwan.
If the giant Cinderella will look for her glass shoe, she will find it in the Taiwan region of Chiayi.

Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia.
At the bottom of a giant lagoon in the Pacific Ocean you will find hundreds of battleships, aircraft and submarines that were destroyed during a brutal attack on the Japanese Imperial fleet during World War II.

The Skull Church in the Czech Republic.
More than 40,000 skeletons were used to create this eerie museum.

Mini Wonderland in Germany.
According to the Guinness World Records, the most popular tourist attraction in Germany is the world's largest model of the railway system.

Japan’s Cat Island.
The cats outnumber people on the Aoshima Island.