The United Arab Emirates is an illustrative example of what a country can achieve that intelligently manages its own resources. Of course, local rulers run a luxury life, but at the same time mid-level people also earn pretty good money.
Let’s just take as an example the architectural landmarks of Dubai. Isn’t it the most competent investment of funds? And what is characteristic about it is that everything was built reliably, qualitatively and, as they say, that will last for centuries. We will tell you about the eleven most famous sights of the UAE, which are worth visiting by everyone who arrives to this interesting and peculiar country.

Burj Khalifa
The tallest building on the planet built in just 4 years. Seismic resistant, not of winds, designed so that people could feel comfortably staying there. It is equipped with 57 elevators, 40 floors for living and swimming pools. Helicopter platforms, shops, offices, everything that you may need. There's even a mosque installed there.

Singing Fountains
The artificial lake, located at the foot of Burj Khalifa, begins a show program from 7 to 11 pm, where the star attraction are singing fountains. The show is different every time, as well as music. And though it lasts only one minute every half hour, it is still seems to be heart-taking.

Burj Al Arab Hotel
Perhaps one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. It was opened in 1995 and has since adorned the coast of Dubai. And despite the fact that the price for a room may be super high, and there are only luxe options, it is still crowded with guests.

"Dubai mall"
The country has an unusually developed consumption culture, so shopping centers are also places for cultural leisure for the whole family. But "Dubai mall" surpassed everyone, because it is the largest shopping mall in the world. And there's a huge aquarium there with a transparent tunnel in it.

Palm Jumeirah Island
Artificial islands and peninsulas are a special phenomenon of the UAE. There was no other best way to expand the coastline and provide space for the construction of luxury housing. But yes, prices for property are pretty sky-high.

Atlantis Hotel
Eastern architectural style plus maximum comfort is just what the wealthy guests of the UAE need. The main feature of this institution are numerous water attractions, beaches and a variety of water activities. You can even swim with dolphins here! But yes, you need to pay for this.

Even such a simple thing as the subway in the UAE could make it luxurious. Well-planned stops, automatic trains, several categories of wagons, including a super suite with a doorman and a wagon for women and children. Of course, the underground is regulated by numerous rules, violation of which ends up with a fine.

Ski Dubai Resort
And indeed, a ski resort in a country where the temperature goes below 20 degrees is already considered to be cold enough for skiing. Nevertheless, modern engineering solutions can afford much more. So if you suddenly want to remember the winter in the midst of the reigning heat, be sure to visit this place.

Saadiyat Island
Besides the artificial islands, there are also natural coastlines in the UAE. And they are enjoyed to the fullest. For example, the Saadiyat Island houses a museum of abstract art, a national museum, a maritime museum, the Louvre branch and much more.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
The biggest mosque in the world. And perhaps, the most luxurious. Yet in such a rich and developed country people can afford other places of interest. And yes, it is open for any Muslim.

Dubai Gold Souk
In a country where luxury is common thing, do not be surprised when you come across a huge market specializing exclusively in gold products. There is no costume jewelry, but gold and precious stones. Moreover, you can even bargain while buying jewelry like everywhere in the east.