Magnificent Rainbow Mountains of Peru attract like a magnet thousands of tourists every year. You can admire them endlessly watching the incredible colorful stripes that merge into a beautiful picture.
Being hidden at a height of more than 5000 meters above sea level in the Andes, the mountain range is covered with an attractive multitudes of turquoise, lavender and golden stripes.
Although, according to scientists, the Rainbow Mountains are millions years old, the time when the multicolored layers were formed there. Nevertheless, it’s only recently that they have become a tourist “mecca”.

Rainbow Mountains of Peru: an amazing natural phenomenon strikes you with its beauty and diversity of colors
Nevertheless, up to 1000 visitors arrive here daily at these times to admire the unusual mountain beauty.The new popularity natural sight of the "striped" ridge has provided a much-needed economic recovery in a remote region of Peru inhabited by alpaca shepherds. Now it is a developed tourist center.
But environmentalists believe that it is the tourists who brought prosperity to the population, can destroy the sacred landscape, the territory of which is now being purchased by international mining companies.
"Looking at this from the environmental point of view, they kill a chicken that carries golden eggs," says Dina Farfan, a Peruvian biologist who studies wildlife in the area just hours from the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.
As evidence, it points to a 2.5-kilometer zone near the natural landmark, which has almost turned into a garbage dump. It has grown very fast over the past year and a half and it still keeps growing.
Wetlands that were once popular with migratory ducks have already turned into a five-football fields parking lot, each morning filled with vans of European and American travelers. However, exist even more serious threats. Camino Minerals Corp, a Canadian mining company, has applied for the right to extract minerals in mineral-rich areas, including the marvelous Rainbow Mountain Range.
So far, environmentalists are advocating for the salvation of an amazing natural landscape, and hopefully they will be able to reach those who can stop the destruction of the rainbow mountains. We invite you to admire the wonderful views while traveling around Peru. Rainbow mountains is a truly amazing natural phenomenon.
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